956 Hwy 92 Rutledge, TN 37861
(865) 828-5615

Phone: 865-828-5615

Address: 956 Hwy 92

                Rutledge, TN 37861


We are excited to hear from you.  If you have any questions about BSBC or growing in your relationship with Jesus Christ, please let us know.  


Blue Springs Baptist Church is using an automated calling system to help keep our members informed of special announcements,  event reminders, and prayer request.  If you  would like to be added to the roster please fill out the form below or send an email containing your name, phone number, and requested subgroups to onecall@bluespringsbaptistchurch.com  


Please choose one phone number, either your home phone number or mobile phone number as your contact number.  Each person is allowed one phone number.

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